Shipping Information

Where are you shipping?

We ship to the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan. We cannot ship to Central America, South America or the Middle East.

What is your shipping time?

Our sex dolls will arrive approximately 20-30 days after payment is received.

We need 5-15 days of production time (depending on the brand and function of the sex dolls) and a week of shipping time.

Free shipping?

Yes, shipping costs are always free.

Which shipping company do you use?

We use FedEx or UPS to ship your order. Deliver up to 100 cm (3'3 ft) sex dolls in the US via EMS (fulfilled by USPS).

Can I pick up my parcel at the nearest office of FEDEX?

of course. You can request delivery at your address and at the nearest carrier's warehouse for pickup. If you wish to take advantage of this special shipping arrangement, please leave a message in the "Remarks column" of the order. You can also choose to pick up a specific Fedex office. Please visit for a complete list of Fedex offices. IMPORTANT: The office you choose must provide a “delivery delivery/ground parcel for delivery” service.

Can I arrange the delivery time?

Yes, you can. Register Fedex Delivery Manager to schedule delivery times, request vacations or change shipping addresses. Fedex may charge you a small fee.

Is the package cautious?

absolute. Your sex dolls will be delivered in a regular brown box. No mark indicates internal content, and our company name does not appear. Your sex dolls will be marked as a "human body model" for custom removal.

Can I track shipping costs?

of course. After the sex dolls is shipped, we will send you the tracking number of the package.

Is your packaging safe?

of course. Your sex dolls are packed in reinforced double-layer cartons to withstand the dangers of shipping. Inside the box, the combination of textile and plastic material ensures cushioning and no movement. So far, we have never experienced any damage during transportation.

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