RONA ROMPS Hyper-realistic sex dolls with ‘human temperature skin’ flying off shelves as lonely lockdown weirdos look for company

SALES of life-like sex dolls have skyrocketed with lonely men seeking companionship during the coronavirus lockdown.

Some of the sophisticated “love” robots even have skin which mimics human body temperatures which promises to keep their randy owners warm during cold winter nights.

One major distributor in Australia says orders have surged by 35 per cent since the country was forced into a Covid-19 shutdown in March.

Ryan James, boss of firm Southern Treasures, says the “companion dolls” are perfect for singletons who are unable to date because of the pandemic.

He said the sex mannequin's ability to heat up to the user's own body temperature is a popular feature.

Mr James told Daily Mail Australia: “A lot of people choose to sleep with them and cuddle them rather than having the heater running all night long.”

The dolls are imported from China and made with a combination of melted rubber and plastic properties, known as thermoplastic elastomers, which make the synthetic skin feel soft and fleshy.

Some even include “imperfections” like blemishes and pores to make them more realistic with the most expensive retailing at £1,700 ($3,100 AUD).

Mr James says the most popular doll named Danae is tanned, blonde and wears army camouflage.

He says his company keep a stockpile of the life-like dolls at their Sydney facility to keep up with demand and that sales for the female market have also increased.

The Aussie businessman said: “We are slowly seeing that relationships aren't for everyone and customers of mine have openly said they have just given up on the whole pursuit of going out, or searching online, to try and meet people.”