Funeral for sex dolls: Japanese firm offers memorial services by porn actress

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 5 — As more Japanese men turn to sex dolls, a local company has seen a lucrative business opportunity by offering memorial services for unwanted sex dolls for up to RM3,400.

The controversial services are offered by Human Love Doll Company which believes that “love dolls are born to be loved.”

According to Japan Today, the funerals will be led by Japanese adult film actress Rei Kato, who claims to be a monk.

Promising to put the silicon companions to rest in a respectful manner, the firm has designed three ceremonial plans.

The standard Doll Funeral Plan costs RM1,890, and the package includes a memorial service with the owner receiving a funeral certificate and a commemorative photo or video of the ceremony.

For those who opt to put their sex doll to rest on a budget, there’s the Joint Funeral Plan for RM1,200, which includes everything in the standard plan, but the ceremony will be conducted together with other dolls at the same time, and the owner will receive a memorial photo only.

There’s also the premium Doll Angel Funeral Plan for those who want to bid farewell to their love doll in a lavish ceremony.

For about RM3,400 the doll owner will get to attend the funeral in person and receive a part of the doll after the ceremony as a treasured keepsake.

The premium package will also treat the silicon companion in a more respectful manner as a letter will be read to the doll before it is taken apart piece by piece.

Memorial services will be conducted in Osaka’s Higashiosaka city where the remains of the dolls will be sent off to be processed by a certified industrial waste disposal company after the ceremony.