Sheffield firm starts selling lifelike £3,000 sex dolls in time for Christmas

A Sheffield firm is set to spice up Christmas – after starting to sell lifelike sex dolls and robots in the city.

Yorkshire is known for many amazing things, from tea to Yorkshire puddings.

A Sheffield firm has started selling these realistic sex dolls.

A Sheffield firm has started selling these realistic sex dolls.

However, there is now a new contender in town – for Sheffield based Sheff Media Ltd has started distributing male, female and transexual sex dolls and AI life-like robots which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices – and with all sexual tastes catered for.  

The firm’s aptly named site, sells the love dolls from Sheffield to customers all over the world including the US and across Europe.

Prices start from around £500 – but top of the range dolls can cost more than £3,000.

The firms offers a whole spectrum of models – from the traditional female, to male and more recently transsexual offerings.

A spokesman for said: “There is a whole spectrum of sexualities so we wanted to represent that with a whole spectrum of dolls.”

Customers can choose their doll's features – selecting body shape, skin tone, hair colour and breast and penis size.

And clients can customise a doll right down to toenail colour or the depth of what the firm describes as 'love holes'. 

It even offers customers the chance to send a picture of someone they want to model their doll on, as long as the person isn't 'known'.

And sales are spiking now the festive period is approaching, suggesting people are feeling lonelier in the long dark nights or a lot of people have dolls on their list to Santa!

Each doll is made-to-order, formed around an internal alloy frame, allowing for lifelike postures and sexual positions. 

Models can be “massive breasted,” while some are skinny and others ‘curvy’ and ‘robustly athletic’.