People want sex dolls like in HBO’s Westworld, but the technology is not there yet, manufacturer claims

A new generation of hyper-realistic sex dolls is currently under development, a leading manufacturer of the silicone figurines has said, noting that the robots still lack the tech to make them convincingly human-like.

People are already replacing human companionship with sex dolls, Silicone Lovers co-founder Louie Love told the Daily Star, and “there’s no turning back.”

According to Love, a new sex robot model will be made in a factor in China that resembles “something out of Westworld,” the hit HBO show that depicted robots that are indistinguishable from real humans.

Although every physical aspect of the AI girlfriends can be customized to suit personal preferences, Love conceded that they still lack the technology to “convincingly replicate” humans.

No matter how realistic they look, as soon as you see their mouths move, it can be rather awkward, and you can tell straight away that they’re humanoids.

Worldwide demand for the silicone companions is apparently on the rise, and has even led to the creation of sex doll brothels.

While the dolls have been hailed by some as a harmless way to fulfill sexual fantasies, critics have warned that the new trend could negatively impact society and personal relationships. In Japan, experts have blamed sex robots for contributing to the country’s declining birth rate.