Should You Finance Your Sex Doll?

A well-made sex doll can bring you years of pleasure and companionship. It can help you to become a better lover. You can use your doll to relieve stress, and improve your overall well-being. If you have a partner, you can even use your doll to add new excitement to your sex life.

At Silicon Wives, we are very proud to only sell the best silicone and TPE dolls available. We work with top quality manufacturers. The dolls you see on our site are truly works of art and engineering. We believe every doll we sell is worth the money, but also acknowledge that our products are not cheap.

While many of our customers do pay for their dolls up front, others choose to finance theirs by paying them off over time. We believe that this is an excellent option, and hope that you might consider it.

What Are The Benefits of Financing my Sex Doll?

First, we have contracted with Klarna, a very reputable company, to handle our financing. They are trustworthy company, and their payment solutions are used by companies such as ASOS. In addition to having a reliable option for financing, paying for your doll over time means you can get your doll right now. Why wait weeks or months.

Another important consideration is price. Finance your doll today, and the price listed is the price you will pay. There will be no worries about the price of your doll going up. If your doll is on sale, financing today guarantees you will get the sales price.

You’ll save cash to spend on other items. You can use that to upgrade your doll, to buy accessories and clothing for her, or simply save it to use on other things.

When we receive your order that includes a request for financing, it is treated like any other order. We start working on your doll immediately. When you receive it, it will be just like receiving any other order. 

This may also be the best way to get the doll you truly want. With available financing, you won’t have to settle on a doll. Instead, you can select one with the features you truly want.

Finally, financing your doll is easy! You only have to provide a bare minimum of information. We promise, you won’t get spammed. We also offer a 24 hour cancellation period.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

We can confidently say that financing a sex doll is the same as financing any other luxury item. There are no additional risks. However, you should be certain that you are able to make the required payments. We also recommend that you consider your own comfort level when deciding to continue with a transaction like this. Take time to consider your options, and make a clear-headed decision.  Our goal is to help you find and purchase a sex doll that meets your needs. 

How do I Arrange Financing?

This part is quite easy. Just fill out your order form as you  normally would. Then select the option to ‘Slice It’. This will allow you to finance your doll through Klarna.