BOY TOY Two bendy willies and a (brief) moment of passion… my night with a male sex doll

HENRY is tall, dark and handsome, doesn’t answer back and is always up for sex.

Only thing is he isn’t real, he’s a male sex doll.

Charlotte Rose spent the night with a male sex doll, who she'd affectionately nicknamed HenryCredit: Nick Obank - The Sun

Increasing numbers of British men - and women - are secretly seeking companionship with sex dolls and robots, and recently more than one in ten Brits confessed they would romp with a robot.

By 2020 the sex toy industry will be worth an estimated £38 billion, with sex dolls one of its fastest developing products, costing up to £15,000 a pop.

But is sex with one of these boy toys plastic fantastic – or a bit of a flop?

Mum-of-two Charlotte Rose, 38, who lives in London, bravely put Henry through his paces for Fabulous Digital. 

Charlotte was impressed by Henry's physique, but not so keen on his feminine faceCredit: Nick Obank - The Sun

I’m a firm believer in women owning their sexuality and experimenting with new ways to reach the Big O, so surely male sex dolls are just the next step in our search for ecstasy?

As the courier handed over the enormous box, I gave him a cheeky wink. It had ‘sex doll’ boldly written on the front, so it wasn’t exactly a secret what was inside.

I ripped open the cardboard and was stunned to see that the doll, which costs approximately £1,200, doesn’t come fully formed but with the torso, penis and head all separate.

I must admit I felt a bit like a twisted crime scene investigator piecing together a dead body.

The silicone head was a nightmare and kept springing out of place. I kept thinking of that Exorcist scene where the girl’s head spins round then vomits everywhere. Not a turn-on.

It took about 15 minutes to put the doll – which I’d nicknamed Henry – together, then I tried to stand him up.

It was a struggle as his body was so rigid, in the end I just plonked him on my sofa so I could examine him properly.

His feet had no ‘bones’ so his toes just wiggled about like jelly, his legs and thighs were slender, his arms muscly and his insanely-ripped abs would put the Love Island boys to shame.

Good body but I wasn’t too keen on his face. His piercing blue eyes, plump lips and boyband-like hair was extremely feminine. Not my cup of tea.

I like a ‘manly’ man with facial hair, maybe a bald head. Henry looked very pubescent and was in need of some chest hair.

Weirdly, his eyes are just painted on so if you’re leaning in close he looks cross-eyed. It’s creepy.

Henry comes with two willies. They were the same length, about a foot long, but one had more girth than the other.

The Sun's sexpert Dr Pam Spurr says...

It's a really mixed picture of pros and - mainly - cons with the present state of sex dolls. As Charlotte discovered they're cumbersome, they don't feel 'real', and are without any 'personal chemistry'.

She received a generic, boyband-looking doll, that didn't float her boat. Even if that boyband look had done it for her, the struggle to assemble 'Henry', its fake feel, being heavy to lift, and difficult to negotiate sex positions with, are definitely not turn-ons.

And that's a key problem as the dolls on the market that are even somewhat realistic - and that give customers a choice of facial designs and hair style - are far beyond the budgets of most of us.

That said, on my radio shows, I've spoken to men who've been happy with their dolls. They get full sexual satisfaction and aren't put off by things like the weight of the dolls and the cleaning up afterwards. They come with special detachable 'receptacles' for easy cleaning, an image many won't want in their minds.

This is fine as long as men, who are lonely, don't use sex dolls as a substitute for meeting women. It's all too easy to slip into a fantasyland-for-one and become socially reclusive instead of getting out to meet someone.

Sex dolls should be treated like an expensive sex toy, for occasional fun that doesn't take over the way you relate to people.

I think the time where super-real, interactive, easy-to-use sex dolls are in every wardrobe is a very long way off. I agree with Charlotte that a good vibrator (men's and women's designs) can give you pleasure when flying solo. Plus, it can be fun to share with a partner, spicing up your sexlife.

I don't think a 'Henry' is going to be up to much for a couple to share!

By all means if you have cash to burn invest in one. But don't fool yourself that a doll - male or female - can replace the real thing.