How to keep young & beautiful your favorite sex dolls?

An adult sex  doll will also become older when a certain time passes. However, there is a solution to everything, so there is an easy solution to this problem. Taking care of a soft product like a sex doll properly is very important to ensure that the sex  doll's life span is long and always remains young and beautiful.

You will never undergo aging and undesirable deformation. So please start taking care of your sex  doll according to the following tips -

· Appropriate cleaning
Cleaning is very important to ensure that bacteria are not accumulating on the sex  doll. Every time you use a sex  doll, make sure you clean it. This is basically for your own hygiene. By having sex with a sex  doll that has not been cleaned after use, you can bring you closer to many diseases.

· Wrinkles or wrinkles
Tight fitting clothes can be the main reason for wrinkles on sex  dolls. So do not dress up your sex  doll with such clothes. Your sex  doll starts getting a wrinkle mark and put her on a flat surface (because it makes her butt and chest flat instead of long), wrinkles disappear by yourself. if

· Carry sex  dolls
While holding a silicon sex doll, you may need to be very cautious as you may hurt the sex  doll. Please carefully read all instructions and move the sex  doll from one place to another. Because they are realistic, these sex  dolls can not fold or bend. So, treat them with care and love.

The end, but not at least not. For storing sex  dolls, you need to be very careful. The material from which the sex  doll is manufactured is generally very delicate and exposing the human body to extreme temperatures can be very detrimental to the sex  doll. The sex  doll is too hot or too cold to handle. In addition to this, please make sure that the place is clean and clean. Do not keep  sex dolls in places where there are many rats or insects.

·take care

Just like paying attention to your real life partner, you need to be loved and care for love sex  dolls. So keep these hints in mind and make sure your sex  doll keeps fascinating you like a beautiful young woman.