How to take care of sex dolls without using pennies

However, if the product fails to function before expected life, is it a product defect? No, do not be surprised. To some extent, buyers are responsible for the proper functioning of the product. Especially for soft products such as sex  dolls, we are responsible for ensuring that sex  dolls serve you for a long time.

The logic behind this is very simple. As you carefully take care of the sex  doll, she will serve you for many years longer than your life.

So, here are some handy tricks that will help you take care of your sex  doll -

a) Storage of sex dolls
You need to understand that the sex  doll is very delicate like a real girl. So you can not put it in any place you like. You need to keep some precautions. Please do not put on extreme temperatures that can not be tolerated by her body. Also, please do not keep sex  dolls in insanely dirty places where insects and rats may destroy the body.

b) Clothes for sex doll
You can dress up a sex  doll with whatever type of dress you want. But never try to dress her up with the right clothes. These types of clothes may look quite sex  doll-shaped, but wrinkles may occur on her body. Also, please do not let the sex  doll stand as long as the ass and chest keep shape.

c) Carrying and moving sex doll
Precautionary measures are necessary to move or carry the sex  doll from one place to another. Therefore, read all safety instructions carefully. sex  Dolls should not be folded or bent in any position. If you want to have it you can use a crate for this purpose or just carry her in your arms.

d) after use
This is the most important thing you need to remember. For all types of sex dolls, such as mini sex  dolls, stuffed sex  dolls, etc., proper cleaning is required. So, after you use the sex  dolls, please clean their orifices, buttocks and chest. This ensures that you have safe sex and are safe from any kind of disease or infection.

Simply put, to improve sex doll's life, you need to take care of her and please please make her like a real girl. This means you can keep her in good shape and health, without spending any dollars on the sex doll.