How to choose sex doll?

Do you want to bring a sex doll home? Have a complete understanding of sex doll? If you want to buy sex doll but you don't know about sex doll. Please read the following questions and instructions in detail.
How to choose the suitable sex doll to yourself?
Here are many attractive & beautiful SEX DOLL choices in website @ Doll House 168. By considering these 6-steps shown as below, you can easily to choose the suitable one mostly.
Face, Body Proportion, Breasts…etc
Face, Body Proportion, Breasts…etc
sex doll is programmed to be a certain weight, the body situation is highly recommended to be considered.
the big size one is up to 100cm height or more, the storage space is highly recommended to be considered.
there are two types material SILICONE & TPE are most commonly used in adult products industry, both of these are soft material as well. The Silicone exhibits many useful characteristics, including stability of oil-spilled, odorless, durable…etc, that the price is on the high side as well. The TPE material has good characteristics on tear resistance ability, but low performing on some abilities, such as odor, oil-spilled and life-time(3~5yr), the price is on the low side.
the skeleton designed has exclusive performance by different suppliers & brand, thus, some of them can performing as live-action up-close 90%, others only approach 70%. However, there is no consideration in sex-posture used, or it would be taken into account in case of the photographer.

How to store a sex doll?

How to store a sex doll?
The best way is – lying flat or hanging
Lying flat:
Lying doll has only one point. You can't let the doll lie on the "hard plane". Whether you let the sex doll lie on the bed, the storage box or even the floor.Please remember to put a cushion under the sex doll .To avoid the curve on the back (especially the buttocks) is deformed and flattened due to long-term compression by weight. Especially the sex doll is made by TPE.If the body is deformed. It can never rebound again. Please avoid this situation.
Hanging is the best way to store sex dolls. When the body is hanging .No side will be squeezed by the weight of the body. If there is a closet or other type of shelf in home. You can store the sex doll in a hanging position. Different models of the sex doll will have different way for hanging. When you have the hanging requirements, you can contact us and we will give you the best advice. No matter you let the sex dolls lying or hanging. Don't forget to do the dust-proof work. Always cover the sex doll with a cloth or quilt which will not fade. By adopting the dust cover is able to reduce the dust attached efficiently. It will be easy to clean in regular maintenance.

DOLLHOUSE168 Advice for storage

DOLLHOUSE168 Advice for storage:
Lying flat:
Lying flat:
About the cushions for lying the flat doll. You can purchase the "slow rebound sponge".It also calls the "memory sponge" which can be bought at general hypermarkets or bedding stores. If it is really inconvenient to buy memory sponge, there is also a more economical way to put a pillow under the waist and thigh of the sex doll. Then the hips can be "emptied" by the pillow so that the buttocks will not be flattened by the self-weight from body.
Don’t storage by– Standing or Sitting
Doll House 168 have to remind everyone.In fact, most of the sex dolls are "Unable to stand". Even some of the famous Japanese brands are the same. The original factory will emphasize "only stand for a short time." The standing function developed by the Japanese factory which is designed for customers to take pictures. It is not designed to solve the storage problem. Please remind this!Because TPE material is very Soft. All the weight of the body will press on the foot when the sex doll stands.So it is easy to cause the sole crack. Even the metal skeleton will pierce outside the sole. So if you buy a sex doll made by TPE.Then we recommend that don't try to let the sex doll"stand up".Or break the foot of the sex doll will not be worth.
Let the sex doll sit on the sofa for a long time." This is a direct idea of many friends who don't know about the silicone doll or TPE sex doll. You think there is no problem with the sex doll sitting on the soft sofa? Doll House 168 tells you that this is the wrong way to store it! The sex doll maintains sitting posture for a long time.It will cause hip to be cracked .Because of long-term self-weight and thigh meat extrusion. If you want to keep the sex doll in sitting position. Please be sure only for 1~2 days. After every 1-2 days, please be sure to return the flatting or hanging. To make sure that the body of the sex doll is not under any pressure.

How to hide a sex doll?

About the storage method of the sex doll:
This is a question that we were often been asked. Many people need to hide the sex doll because of family or living environment. Doll House 168 is very directly to tell you. If you buy a sex doll.It is necessary to get back home. It’s very hard to hidden.You have to evaluate carefully.Think twice.Because forcible hiding will cause the sex doll saved badly. Increase the chance of damage,To interact with the sex doll should be a pleasant thing. If you need to hide this .It is a burden of mind psychologically. Of course, there are still some storage devices with masking on the market.For example, extended storage sofas or simple wardrobes (As the picture shown). In fact, these things can really achieve the effect of "hiding". You have to evaluate for yourself.

How is sex doll clean?

General cleaning:
If the sex doll is contaminated with dirt or dust.Try to wiping it with a wet towel and shower gel. If you can’t clean the dirt with shower gel.Try to removing it with a cleansing oil. If you can't remove the cleansing oil. When the stain is dirty, it may be dyed (described later). If the sex doll has a large dirt place. Consider to take the sex doll to the bathroom for cleaning. But water temperature is concerned. Just like the human skin can withstand. The temperature sex doll is acceptable. The sex doll is made by TPE that is sensitive to temperature. Remember not to "sterilize" the TPE from over-temperature water (70 degrees or more). The TPE material may be deformed by high temperature.
Cleaning after use:
Usually use the sex doll’s mouth, the private part and the anus. Most of the these parts on the doll can be used. But a few brands of the sex doll have only one or two functions. No matter which one. All brand of sex doll. Their mouth or anus must belong to the "one-piece" design. The internal passage and the body are not detachable but the private parts are not necessarily. Some dolls are designed to be detachable "split" . After use, remove the private channel and clean it. If you choose a one-piece sex doll. You need to move all the sex doll into the bathroom for cleaning after use. No matter how you clean the doll. Remember to cover the sex doll with a towel and gently "dry" it. Do not wipe it to hard to avoid scratching the surface of the body. The inside tunnel can use the rolled paper towel to squeeze the water and dry it. After the sex doll is dry. Remember to use powder to keep the skin in the best touch of the sex doll.
The sex doll's body will have Oil-spilled constantly. The situation is different according to the different style of the sex doll. The sex doll with high quality has a slightly oil output. And the doll made by TPE produces oil obviously. The oil will make the body feel bad (squeaky, sticky) and easy to get dust after oiling out. In order to maintain the smooth and soft touch of the sex doll. Regular maintenance is very important. The maintenance method is simple. Just use the commercially hazelnut powder and the baby puff to spread the hazelnut powder evenly on the sex doll.
Intimate tips from dollhouse168:
The hazelnut powder (It’s the talcum powder) can be purchased the better brands. That the smell and feel of the sex doll will be good after maintenance.

What should I do if my sex doll is dyed?

Due to the material properties of silicone and TPE. It is particularly easy for some dark dyes to cause adsorption. We call it dyeing. When you wear a dark (black or dark blue...) clothing on a sex doll or sitting on a dark sofa. It is found that the body produces a purple-black stain. It is dyed when it cannot be removed by cleansing oil. When it happened, you only need to use our de-staining paste. Use it on the dyeing place and let it rest. After a period of time (usually one day).It can be found that the dyeing is fade or completely removed. If the dyeing is not completely removed. You can just do one or two more times. It must be completely removed. Please don't worry about this.

How do you dress up your sex doll?

Tip 1 wig:
It is easy to buy a sex doll wig for a height 140cm~165cm. The real wig can be worn by sex doll.Many wigs for Cosplay are cheap and beautiful.And they are easy to buy on the Internet. About these wig is good for sex doll. The smaller doll with a short height 100~130cm has a small head circumference. It may be more suitable for a child's wig.That is difficult to buy. Other mini-sex dolls like 80cm, 65cm, etc. need a special sex doll wig. For example: The wig used by BJD three-pointer.
Tip 2. Clothing:
The sex doll can directly purchase a real woman clothing in height 150cm or more. It must to note that the shape of the general sex doll will be more small than the real woman.You should pay attention when you purchase clothing size. But different brand will have different size. for example, your sex doll is size S when wearing A brand.When wearing B brand may change size XS because of different versions . The sex doll height 100cm~140cm can suitable for children's clothes. The size of children is generally divided into children (100~110cm), middle children (110~130cm), big children (130~150cm), etc. They are all exquisite and fashionable. We sure that you will find suitable and favorite clothes for sex doll. Mini-wavy dolls are special products, like wigs. You can refer to the clothing of BJD three-pointer.
Tip 3 makeup:
The sex doll made by TPE usually use "Real cosmetics". But the adhesion is not strong enough. Makeup will fade after cleaning or long time stay. You can make your own makeup or send your sex doll back. Doll House 168 will rework the makeup. And we will not charge any fees. But the freight will be paid by you. The special doll made of silicone rubber uses special pigments. When the makeup finished. Most of the makeup will not be lost. Friendly reminder, the performance of makeup is hand-made within the gap.