Realistic sex dolls Tips 1 Wigs:Realistic sex dolls It is relatively easy to purchase a Love Doll's wig with a general height Realistic sex dolls of 140 cm or more, and you can wear a real wig in a regular love doll, but many cosplay wigs are cheap and clean, It is easy to obtain on the net, the wearing effect of this type of wig is very good.Realistic sex dolls Love dolls with a relatively low height of 100 to 130 cm are suitable for children's wigs because their heads are small, but relatively easy to buy. Also, mini love dolls such as 80 cm and 65 cm require special wigs.Realistic sex dolls

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Realistic sex dolls Tips 2 clothes:Realistic sex dolls Love dolls with a height of 150 cm or more can purchase live-action women's clothing directly. However, since the general Love Doll's body Realistic sex dolls shape is "smaller than the real woman of the same height", you must pay special attention to the size of your clothes at the time of purchase. Also, clothes of different brands may have caused a difference in size. For example, your Love Doll may be able to wear S size for A brand and XS size for Wear B brand. For love dolls with a height of 100 cm to 140 cm, you can think of selecting children's clothing. Children's clothing size can be divided into children (100 to 110 cm), middle school (110 to 130 cm), adults (130 to 150 cm), and so on. Many children's clothes are quite elaborate now, and the design is also very mature. I am sure that you can Realistic sex dolls find your favorite clothes that you can be satisfied with for love love. The mini type doll 's clothes are mostly special products and can be purchased with reference to the clothes of the third child of BJD as well as wigs.Realistic sex dolls

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